HEALTH CHOICES: When “Be in the moment” is not being in the moment

Let's face it, the phrase “Be in the moment" gets thrown around like gluten-free, sugar-free, calorie free, filtered water; icy poles (aka ice cubes) on a hot summers day.

When it comes to healthy living, all of a sudden “Be in the moment" is interpreted as meaning, 'screw the more supportive or truest choice, I wanna do this.’ It becomes more like, let’s ignore the fact that yesterday I decided to make a change in my health and lifestyle choices and let's eat an entire double coated packet of Tim Tams because I mean, “We only live once." Right?!'

And then when you're comin' down from your sugar high, and The Voice (you know the voice) is prosecuting you on guilt charges, you're revisiting those feelings of poor body image and lack of self-worth. And let’s not forget to mention the punch up you’re having with no one but yourself for eating the goddam Tim Tams. Now all of a sudden, the world outside of you is the culprit for your unconscious “Be in the moment" choices. Hoorah!

And now, the thought of adopting “Be in the moment" is given the finger and kicked to the kerb as you desperately seek out your caffeine hit to avoid facing the reality of your choices.

What went wrong?

Well, let's break it down:

1. Your idea of what living in the moment is, is somewhat flippant.

“Live in the moment” isn’t codeword for being spontaneous. Spontaneity is an unplanned feeling and not premeditated. So if you’re stopping to think about whether you “should” or “should not” consume that chocolate bar, you're not being spontaneous. If you’re saying, to your friend, “Hey, let’s be spontaneous”, well you’ve already blown it. You’re now planning to be spontaneous and take action or not. Spontaneity rises through you and is a feeling not based on your current external circumstances.

Being in the moment does not mean making decisions based on your current mood and emotions either. Nor does it mean listening to that very seductive voice saying, “You only live once. Eat it!”

Living in the moment is Being aware and present to the now. It's about being conscious and awake to what is happening right now.

Being in the moment is about making conscious choices from love. It’s making decisions that are supportive of you being your best. And those choices are not based on reactions, nor fear. They come from somewhere much deeper.

Don't get me wrong, doing something different is a wonderful way to shake things up, have a new experience or land a new perspective. But, not when it's going against your integrity and the commitments you've made to yourself.

Which brings me to point two.

2. Dishonouring your commitments to self is like playing Russian roulette.

You saaay, you're going to eat clean for a week because you're unhappy with the person staring back at you in the mirror.. but... and big BUT (not yours of course), are you really?

Each time you pull the trigger and go against your word, you’re losing trust in yourself. Staying true to yourself starts to waver. Because eventually, the bullet will fire and the trust you have in yourself will shatter beyond repair.

When you make a commitment, it's imperative to stick to it. Because at some point in your moment, you'll be required to make a choice and you'll need to be anchored in the here and now to feel what the authentic choice is. If you're not in the moment, your head will come waltzing in carrying breadsticks and candy, ready to swoop you off your feet. And then, if you fall for the serenade, you'll no longer “Be in the moment" as you've so called it. You’ll have lost yourself in it!

The difference between the two?
1. Being is presence and having an awareness of what is.
2. Losing yourself in the moment is being lost in your thoughts and the best-selling stories your mind makes up.

Before you choose to “be spontaneous” and “be in the moment” again, take a moment to see that you are Here; and then decide.

If you’re looking to make a change to your health and lifestyle, then you must choose your best.
And being your best only ever happens moment-by-moment.

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