Join Host Monica Kade for this 3-day virtual summit with three inspiring leaders in Health and Self Awareness. This series is about helping you embrace 2020 from a place of power and inner space.

As each year creeps over the horizon, we set intentions to make the New Year our ‘best year’ yet. Often these intentions fall short because of the space they’re made from.

What if you stepped into 2020 empowered?

What if you moved into the next decade with a deeper sense of self?

Imagine if you welcomed the New Year with confidence, knowing you already have everything you need to live your best life.

My three incredible guests will show you where to start and prepare you for all the wonderful dreams you wish to achieve in 2020.

You’ll receive sustainable action steps that are simple and immediate to adopt. You’ll hear them talk on ways you can deepen your connection to the moment through mind and body. Forget complicated strategies or techniques and over-the-top plans. My guests are about keeping things simple, so you don’t have to search for external motivation.

Over the three days, these speakers will help you lay the foundations for living your best life!

Meet them now…

Day 1: Ghazaleh Lowe, Director and Intuitive Horoscopes Writer at Bondi Guru
How to Use Intuition & The Intuitive Horoscopes

What you’ll learn:
— What is intuition
— What gets in the way of using your intuition
— Ways to harness the energy of your star sign and empower yourself
— Ways to help you master greater presence in your every day

Day 2: Scott Gooding, Chef, PT, Author and Creator of The Scott Gooding Project
Topic: Build Your Master Health Plan for 2020

What you’ll learn:

— Where to begin when making a health and lifestyle shift
— How to eat for your body and lifestyle needs
— How to source the best produce when you have limited access
— How to make your nutrition and exercise intentions stick
for 2020

Day 3: Liv Kaplan, Nutritionist, Keto Dessert Queen and Recipe Developer
Love What You Eat & Choose It Mindfully

What you’ll learn:

— The importance of appreciating your food
— Awareness of mind chatter around food
— T
he importance of connecting your food/plate with its source 
— Staying in your own lane in an advice-saturated world 

To live the life of your dreams, you must be aware of the way you’re currently living; your habits and activities, the way you’re nourishing your body—and most importantly your mind.

An EMPOWERED YOU starts with an open heart and mind.
It begins with a willingness to rise into your best.
It’s a total mindset shift.

Does that sound like you?

Then get ready to EMBRACE 2020 from where you are now!

Grab momentum with both hands and harness the energy of this moment to
embrace who you are today, just as you are.

Prepare to rock out 2020 in your true power!

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