Corporate Drama Communication Training Program

Effective communication is the foundation for improving multiple areas of business performance
while fostering team happiness and wellbeing. 



We live in a world where communicating and expressing ourselves is critical to our happiness, wellbeing, mental health and business activities. Yet so many of us shy away and hide behind screens and stick to virtual communication. We don’t raise our voice. We don’t speak up and express what we truly feel in fear of being shut down, ridiculed or rejected.

However, when we realise it’s okay to be ourselves, express what we feel and say what we mean, we create a healthy and harmonious environment for ourselves and others to do business in.

To help address this issue, Monica created her Corporate Training Program with the purpose to: 

Encourage people to express themselves to be their best.



Monica has trained as an actor/presenter for 15 years. She was accepted into the Atlantic Theatre Company in New York City (founded by William, H. Macy and David Mamet). She has trained under some of Hollywood's best acting coaches. Her Australian tuition includes NIDA, On Camera Connections, Screenwise, Private and group coaching with John Noble (Lord of the Rings, Elementary, Fringe, Sleepy Hollow) and his daughter Samantha Noble (Gabriel, Fringe, All Saints). Since 2015, she has coached children, teens and adults at PointBreak Drama on the Northern Beaches. She's also worked on professional projects doing voiceovers for radio, TV commercials and acted in a handful of feature and short films. Her most recent corporate workshop was at Commbank's Wired for Wonder.



Communication Excellence for Teams (Introductory level)
Creating awareness around body, voice and self expression in an individual, two person, group or team setting. A great way to foster team bonding, creative thinking, collaboration and acceptance of various personalities within teams.

Communication Excellence (Masterclass)
Specifically tailored for senior positions, executives and those in leadership roles. This offering dives deep and pin-points individual blocks that hold back each participant from communicating with power, poise and conviction. It takes a holistic look at each participants life and supports them to recognise how they mask personal success due to poor communication. 

Women of Now 
Specifically tailored to support women in middle management be strong, resilient and effective communicators in the workplace. Monica supports women to raise their voice, express themselves with clarity and be confident in who they are regardless of where they sit at the organisational level.

Key Outcomes for Participants:

> Increase teamwork
> Foster self care and a wellbeing mindset at the individual and team level
> Increase and foster creativity and innovative thinking
> Increase employee happiness and engagement
> Dissolve tension, angst and negative undertones amongst team members
> Develop strong physical and vocal presence amongst individuals
> Communicate with others in various work settings (and in personal and social relationships)
> Realise the value and importance of each individual’s voice
> Learn the importance of participating in creative discussions, contributing ideas toward innovation and sharing one’s point of view
> Connect to their authentic voice
> Techniques tailored to individuals that release personal blocks limiting their communication
> Techniques to communicate confidently
> Techniques to deal with nerves, stress, anxiety and worry
> Awareness around the ways we ‘block’ effective communication
> Awareness around power of listening
> Body Language Awareness
> Leadership presence
> Storytelling structure for presentations or speeches


The Basic Structure of the Corporate Training Program

All techniques, games and activities are selected purposefully to inspire confidence within individuals so they feel safe, encouraged and willing to participate in daily activities that contribute to the growth, performance and success of their organisation. Each topic covered within the program is critical to ensure each person communicates at their best in each moment. 

Monica uses core acting and presenting techniques to facilitate the best out of each participant.



The corporate training program can be customised to suit the needs of your business. The program can be tailored to accommodate small teams through to large groups.

Understanding that time is precious in the workplace, Monica offers a customisable program structure on a case by case basis. The corporate training program can be structured to run over a number of weeks or a half/full day offering.


Who can benefit from the program?

The corporate training program can be delivered to:

> C-Suite Executives
> Middle Management
> Women in Senior/Middle Management
> As an introductory session for new staff


Why Monica is a stand out facilitator?

Monica’s point of difference lies in her unique ability to blend acting techniques and mindfulness in a way that can be executed in the workplace every single day instantly. She has a rare ability to be able to pin-point personal blocks at the individual level, which prevent staff from expressing themselves and being authentic in the workplace. She then offers tailored solutions to each participant to support them to bring out their best and be better communicators. 

This is not something that can be taught, but has been harnessed and developed over the years through coaching and facilitation and 10+ years actor training. Monica has combined her training with her own personal journey of self awareness to become an exceptional communicator and facilitator.

If you would like more information or to inquire about booking Monica to facilitate a workshop for your organisation, please do so here.