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I wanted to create a space filled with

uplifting content that empowers individuals 

in all facets of their life, and lifts them 

whenever they need it most."

- Monica Kade, Founder of The Moment 


I'm Monica Kade, the Founder of The Moment, Author & Podcast Host.


The Moment HQ was born from my love for interviewing and sharing powerful stories. I so deeply wanted a space I could share the people who move and inspire me; those who are impacting the world while doing what they love. 

I wanted to bring The Moment to life because there have been many times in my life where I just needed 'something' to support me through a challenging moment. I also felt there wasn't one central place full of the uplifting and empowering content that I craved. Somewhere in cyberspace I could hang out and enrich my heart and mind!

Now, we can both immerse ourselves in quality conversations on things that matter and messages that remind us of what's truly important: This Moment Now.


I began producing content when I was about 5 or 6 years old. With my dad being a film director/photographer, it meant that I was always either in front of or behind the camera. Once I was old enough to put a camera on my shoulder, I took on director and producer. My brother and sister were my muses, the world my oyster. 

Fast forward to my early 20s. My love for interviewing began. One day an inner whisper said, "I want to start a magazine". At 20 years old, studying at university (and hating it), I started my first business; an online magazine: Mink.

In its day it was one of a kind, featuring the up-comers in the creative arts. At a time when online mags were new and rare, I ran a team in Sydney and Melbourne for 2 years. After that, I moved from Sydney, Australia to live in New York City and start new adventures—but always interviewing.

Over the years I've had the pleasure of interviewing hundreds of people doing what they love and challenging the status quo.

Some of these include Lewis Howes, Kate Northrup, Sheri Salata, Christine Hassler, JP Sears, The Oprah Winfrey Academy for Girls, Danielle La Porte, Gabrielle Bernstein, Lisa Messenger, Dr Robert Zembroski, Guy Kawasaki, Wes Carr, Ben Lee, Scott Gooding, Dr John Demartini, Luke Hines, Pete Evans, Nora Gedgaudas, Dr Rebecca Ray and more! 

I also run a copywriting business, MonicaWroteit.com. I've written for Collective Hub, Thrive Global, Commbank's Women in Focus and some of my successful online ventures include Mink Magazine, Career Confessions; Editor for WorkDifferent and Managing editor for print publications: Aspire and My Business magazine.

In 2008, Anthill Business Magazine nominated me a Top 30 under 30 Entrepreneur. I've spoken at Commbank’s Wired for Wonder, Northside Clinic, Vibewire's FastBREAK U-Turn and Macquarie University's AIESEC Tour.

I've appeared on many podcasts and been interviewed on Ch7 Weekend Sunrise and featured in CLEO magazine, Collective Hub, The Cool Career and PsychCentral.

I have an ongoing love affair with the ocean, especially on a rainy day. I love sunset over sunrise—for the pastel colours—and I drink black coffee. New York City is my second love affair and I'm a snowboarder, summertime surfer and love CrossFit. 


These insightful souls give your heart & mind things to ponder.


Catie Payne is a word nerd, early bird and kind of absurd. She has a rescue greyhound named Daaave who is semi-famous on Instagram and thinks he’s a cat. By day, she runs a creative copywriting business from a sunny desk somewhere in Tassie. Also by day, she volunteers, hangs out on organic farms and badgers people about saving the planet. Catie has a background in communications, media and advertising, is a qualified naturopath and herbalist, and has held a pen license for over two decades.


Kerri Hollingsworth is the director and upholsterer of an.ti.quate; an eco-conscious brand designing exquisitely handcrafted armchairs made from 100% recycled, compostable and environmentally friendly materials. Her business is zero waste. Every chair made soothes the soul and loves your butt—all while being kind to the environment!


Liv Kaplan is a nutritionist, recipe developer and dessert queen based in Bondi Beach, Sydney. All her recipes are gluten-free, sugar-free, low-carb and grain-free. Her daily life philosophy is to wake up and be happy she's alive; it's her ultimate measure of success (although, of course, she doesn't feel like that 24/7). Liv has a positive and uplifting vibe and injects that into all things health and wellness. Check out her regular video recipes in our Best Self section.

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