Catie Payne, Writer

Embrace your quirks, creativity and strange ideas. Be unashamedly odd. Own your difference and find your people.

– Catie Payne, The moment of truth
  1. When did you realise your love for what you do?
    When instant messaging became a thing just after the Palaeolithic, I’d race home from school and jump online to chat. Suddenly, there was a whole new way to connect with my mates: through words. We’d attack the keyboard for hours; geeks revealing a wicked sense of humour, quiet kids with a knack for banter, rapid-fire exchanges that taught us the power of words. Plus, we had free reign to be ridiculously rude.

  2. What do you love most about what you do?
    I get to write for a living. I get to play with ideas. There’s the delicious challenge of penning a compelling product description in 15 words or less or capturing someone’s philosophy in 100. As well as that, I love my clients. Giving a voice to their brilliant ideas is a mind-boggling honour.

  3. What’s the greatest piece of wisdom that you’ve received or acquired through life experience?You’re gonna make me say the L word, aren’t you? Yep, it’s love. To pursue love, follow it cross-country and into weird dark places, past your limits and through the fog, even when you don’t have the foggiest where you’re going… Love equals integrity. Love makes procrastination and apathy irrelevant. When love’s coursing through your system like Willy Wonka’s chocolate river, you’re a kind, generous, peaceful person. Aaaand then the planet heals and humanity hugs it out. More love, please.

  4. What’s been one of your biggest challenges you’ve faced and how did you navigate through it.
    See above. Following feelings vs. “smart business decisions”. Or “smart life decisions”. Or, insert any commonly-accepted-as-sane aspiration into that box, and I probably didn’t want to do it, because #feelings. Trusting myself through those times was (and is!) tough… but it’s always brought the best surprises.

  5. What are 3 of your daily non-negotiables?
    1. A nettle, linden flower, oat straw, comfrey leaf or red clover herbal infusion, care of my all-time
    favourite witch Susun Weed. Look her up. Thank me later.
    2. Staring deeply into the eyes of my adopted greyhound, Dave.
    3. A sit-down, Queen-sized breakfast with my beau. Girl’s gotta eat.

  6. What do you believe is your greatest asset?

  7. How do you elevate and empower those around you?
    This is tricky, and something I’m currently working on. It’s to accept help. To allow others to share their skills. To leave space for them to step in, step up and feel that sweet satisfaction of service. I tend to decline help and try to do everything myself, being overbearingly helpful. But I’ve recently realised, however well-intentioned, this approach doesn’t do people justice. Now I’m trying to facilitate more opportunities for others to strut their stuff.

  8. How do you wish to impact the world?
    More laughs.

  9. What scares you?
    Seaweed. Love to eat it, hate when it touches my leg in the water.

  10. If you could share one seed of inspiration for those chasing their dream, what would it be?
    Embrace your quirks, creativity and strange ideas. Be unashamedly odd. Own your difference and find your people.

Catie Payne Creative Content
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Psst! Catie is also one of The Moment’s Contributing Writers. Her articles are a MUST READ. Full of brilliance, quirk and wisdom.

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