Dr Carolyn Ross, CEO of The Anchor Program(TM)

Don’t allow fear or impatience to stop you before the dream is realised. At the same time, don’t hold on so tight that you can’t let go if things have reached their natural end.

Dr carolyn ross, the moment of truth
  1. When did you realise your love for what you do? 
    I’ve been fortunate to have several iterations of my career that I have loved. Starting at age 9, I worked in my grandfather’s country doctor office and realised how much I wanted to become a medical doctor. Once I finished med school, I had a practice in the same small town where my grandfather had his practice.

    Next, I moved to San Diego and started three women’s medical centres offering general medicine and office gynaecology along with complementary and alternative medicine. Later, I transitioned to working with people with addictions and eating disorders—more work that I loved to do.Most recently, I started an online coaching business for people with binge eating and obesity and am loving that too!!


  2. What do you love most about what you do?
    I love seeing people transform their lives. I love being part of helping them to do that.


  3. What’s the most significant piece of wisdom you’ve received or acquired through life experience?
    That all the experiences in our lives are calling, us to live to our fullest potential.


  4. What’s been one of your biggest challenges you’ve faced, and how did you navigate through it?
    One of my biggest challenges has been dealing with loss. Some years ago, my middle son committed suicide after a 10-year battle with depression. I dealt with this by using my support system and also over time, being able to use the gifts from this experience in my personal and professional life.


  5. What are 3 of your daily non-negotiables?
    1. Get a good night’s sleep.
    2. Start the day with a cup of tea.
    3. Stay present when I’m with people—either by phone or in-person–no matter what’s going on in my life.


  6. What do you believe is your greatest asset, and how does it serve you?
    I believe my greatest asset is my authenticity—the ability to be real with people from multiple walks of life. This serves me because it enables people to trust me and confide in me without fear. It also helps me go to work more deeply with clients.


  7. How do you elevate and empower those around you?
    By recognising that what I do has an impact on other people and to always look for ways to support and empower those I work with.


  8. What does the word failure mean to you?
    Failure to me is never having tried. That’s the only reason I can see for failure. Even when things don’t work out as I have planned or hoped, I feel successful because I’ve put myself out there and taken a risk.


  9. In your opinion, what’s the number one thing that holds people back from going after what they want in their lives? What would you say to them?
    I think people often hold back because they may not know precisely what it is they want or because of fears based on past failures. I believe it’s important to be able to allow yourself to grieve past failures, without beating yourself up because something that hasn’t worked out is like the death of a dream. If you don’t allow that to be recognised, then you tend to carry that with you into your future endeavours.  So take the time to feel whatever it is you feel and take the time also to allow the future to unfold, even if you don’t know how it’s going to look.


  10. If you could share one seed of inspiration for those chasing their dream, what would it be?
    Don’t allow fear or impatience to stop you before the dream is realised. At the same time, don’t hold on so tight that you can’t let go if things have reached their natural end.


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