Ep82. Gut Health 101 + Recipes to Die For with Jordan Pie

Just because the ingredients change doesn’t mean the menu has to.”

– Jordan Pie, Ep82. The Monica Kade Podcast

Episide 82. of The Monica Kade Podcast with Jordan Pie. Jordan is a qualified Nutritionist and GAPS Practitioner, a health and wellness blogger, food photographer and a recipe developer. Jordan believes that truly nourishing your body and using food as medicine is the key to great physical and mental health. She specialises in gut health and all of the implications that go with having gut issues such as depression, anxiety, weight, skin and digestive issues and more. 

I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed my conversation with Jordan. I loved how informed she was, her genuine and down-to-earth nature coupled with the passion she really does have for helping others with their health. Plus, I have been a HUGE fan of her Instagram page and the mouth-watering recipes she’s constantly creating. You must check it out here. 

Jordan looks the underlying cause of an individual’s ill health, not just at their symptoms.  She empowers and educates her clients on how they can have a wholesome relationship with their body, mind and food and teaches them how to nurture and nourish their own bodies to the state of wellness and balance that everyone deserves. 

Learn About:

  1. When did she realise she wanted to become a nutritionist
  2. How her sister’s journey through anorexia nervosa impacted her
  3. What Jordan’s relationship with food been like throughout your life to date
  4. How your gut health and mental health are linked
  5. Some signs of poor gut health your can look out for
  6. Types of gut-friendly and healing foods you can buy or make today to improve your gut health now
  7. The benefits of eating fermented foods
  8. Some great tips for maintaining a clean, gut healthy diet when travelling
  9. What inspired her to create The Gutventures Travel Guide eBook-and why you NEED IT!
  10. Where Jordan finds inspiration for her recipes
  11. If she could pick one recipe to be remembered for, what would it be?
  12. How often she’s in the kitchen experimenting?  

Signature Questions:

  1. Sunset or Sunrise and why?
  2. If she could attempt another career what would it be?
  3. One of the best pieces of wisdom she’s been given to date around food? 

Take a listen to the podcast below and walk away armed and ready to conquer all things gut related.

Oh, and grab a copy of The Gutventure Travel Guide Here!

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