Ep88. Why Real Empowerment Ain’t Built On Abs & A Booty with Amber Dodzweit Riposta

I love to work out, I love to run. And you know, there was no end goal for me. There was no body I had in mind. I just did what I was made to do; what I love.”

– Amber Dodzweit Riposta, Ep88. The Monica Kade Podcast

Yes, she’s beautiful, got a killer smile and is a weapon in the gym. And yes, she has a physique that so many women would kill for. But that’s not what I love most about this woman. What inspired me to have her on the podcast was her honesty, humility and ability to not take herself too seriously in an industry that does.  

In Episode 88 of The Monica Kade Podcast: Why Real Empowerment Ain’t Built On Abs & A Booty, I sit down with Amber Dodzweit Riposta; a women’s circuit training expert, 13x fitness cover model, All-American Track and Field athlete and X-national champion professional tackle football player. She created BUILT FOR HER (an online women’s athletic training club) in 2014 to teach women how to find freedom and a deeper sense of purpose through athletic training and empowerment. She lives in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and is married to Holistic Nutritionist Andrew Riposta. She also creates athletic training content for women from all over the world with the basis that a woman’s appearance must always be secondary to her capabilities. 

She’s had her own trials and tribulations like the rest of us, but it’s her determined nature that’s enabled her to rise into who she is today. Oh, and if you’re still hung up on her physique, you HAVE to listen to this conversation. Because as she shares, her love for working out was never to attain a particular body shape. 

Our chat is a beautiful reminder around being true to oneself, following what you love and when we do so we give space for those around us to do the same. 

I’ve watched her social media presence evolve over the years, and while I feel she’s always shared uplifting and empowering messages, it’s now more than ever that I resonate and feel her message is much needed in our world. 

Learn About: 

  1. Her family, where she grew up and in what part they played in athletic interests
  2. How she got into fitness modelling
  3. How quickly her career took off and what she truly felt behind the success
  4. Who she became once she started fitness modelling
  5. What influence and impact the people around her had on her career and life
  6. Why she chose to walk away from a high flying fitness modelling career
  7. The most eye opening experience the modelling industry have given her
  8. What inspired her to be more real with her social media audience
  9. Does she think there’ll be a time in the future where body image won’t play such a huge part in our lives?
  10. How Built For Her (her online training club) came to fruition

Signature Questions: 

  1. Sunset or Sunrise and why?
  2. What career would Amber attempt if not in her current one?
  3. A piece of wisdom she lives by?

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