Ep92. Use Your Inner Wisdom to Eat with Liv Kaplan, Nutritionist

“My overall mission isn’t to have people lose weight or fit into a certain amount of macros, but I want them to feel the love for the kitchen that I do.”

– Liv Kaplan, Ep92 The Monica Kade Podcast

Episode 92 of The Monica Kade Podcast was a riot to record. My guest was Liv Kaplan, nutritionist and passionate foodie with a keen eye for all things health and wellness. 

I’ve been following Liv for quite a while now—on Instagram that is. Not to yoga or the farmer’s market or anything—that’d be weird. So let me say this…not only do her clean, sugar, gluten, grain and dairy free recipes make your eyes pop, they pretty much inspire you to drop what you’re doing, grab your debit card and run to the grocery store—stat! You think I’m joking.

In Ep92. Use Your Inner Wisdom to Eat, we share a healthy dose of laughter, blend it with some golden nuggets of wisdom and drizzle in some simple ideas that you can adopt as part of your own conscious approach to health. Plus, we get all the goss on her latest eBook, CREATE.

Aside from my love for her dessert recipes, it’s her easy-going, comical but real approach to health and food that makes her so likeable. Her message is simple. 

Liv’s recipes focus on mood-boosting and blood sugar balancing goodness, and she believes eating well should be effortless, not stressful! If you live in Sydney, Australia, you can find this bronzed up foodie on the shore of Bondi Beach. She’s a living example of how proper nutrition is an integral part of our overall health—but you’re not going to die if you take a detour. 

If she’s not getting creative in the kitchen, you can find her getting salty in the ocean, getting zen on the yoga mat or picking up fresh produce from the local farmer’s market. 

GRAB your green juice, turmeric latte, bulletproof coffee—or beverage of choice; plug in those earphones and consume this episode in one sitting—or with a friend, if you think you can’t do it alone. We believe you can.

What You’ll Learn

  1. When Liv’s fascination with food began
  2. Why she doesn’t attach herself to food labels
  3. How her diet has evolved over recent years
  4. Why she doesn’t try to know what’s right for you
  5. We debunk the “Keto” vs “Vegan” conversation
  6. Why health isn’t just about what food you eat
  7. Why she advocates looking at ‘how’ you eat and your mindset on food
  8. We talk food philosophy: Eating well and looking after your health should make you less stressed not more
  9. Get the goss on her newly released (April 23rd 2019) eBook, CREATE
  10. What inspired Liv to bring CREATE to life

Signature Questions

  1. Sunset or sunrise and why?
  2. What’s Liv afraid of?
  3. If she could be remembered for one of her recipes which would she pick?

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