Got a dream? Here’s what you must know.

Have you ever felt like you’re wide awake, moving forward into the unknown, but with your eyes completely closed… while searching back and forth for ‘the answer’. 

This was me. Four years ago, I was travelling down a path that I thought was so obvious to everyone else in the ‘business world’ and yet so utterly confusing for me. What am I supposed to be doing? How do others do this? What is the perfect business strategy? How do I set this up? And how the hell does everyone else seem to make it look so easy? 

We all have greatness locked within.
How much you see is only a representation of how much you have (so far) uncovered.
And the best part? The more you look,
the more you’ll find!

kerri hollingsworth, an.ti.quate artistry
One of Kerri’s upholstery creations! Zero waste, sustainably made and 100% soothing for the soul.

Well, what if I told you, all of the answers to those questions (and SO much more) are locked away until you are ready to hear it. And I don’t mean generic ‘5 ways to improve your sales’ type of answers, but the ones that are completely impossible for anyone else to know but you. 

Four years ago is when I began to listen. Like, really listen—to every thought, every niggle, every result in my life, and in doing so, I started becoming aware of the answers I’d been asking for so long. 

This is when I decided to trust the person that was underneath oh-so-many-layers of insecurities and subconscious behaviours. And in hindsight, it’s when I started really living as me. 

For those of you that haven’t come across my work, or my ramblings, hello! I’m Kerri—an Upholstery Artist that has somehow found a new and unique take on upholstery by listening to my inner voice.

Life these days is a stark contrast from when I began my upholstery journey. 

I was just a bag of nerves that believed I didn’t have anything special to offer the world. As I write that sentence, I want to go back in time and give that person a huge hug, as it couldn’t be further from the truth for me and for every single person living on this beautiful planet we call Earth.

We all have greatness locked within. How much you see is only a representation of how much you have (so far) uncovered. And the best part? The more you look, the more you’ll find!

For me, getting curious about my potential was the best gift I could have ever given myself. It has led me on an incredible journey of self-discovery.

But it only happened, because I stepped forward. 

No matter where you are in your life or the circumstances you’ve had (or are currently in), you have the freedom of choice in regards to your mindset. We can choose to continue walking with our eyes closed, in hopes of stumbling across the gold. Or we can peel back the layers to intentionally discover not only who you truly are, but what you’re really capable of.

What will you choose for yourself? Do you want to have a different experience of life? Is there something yearning to be expressed out of you? If there is, don’t wait a moment longer. Dive into that love you hold within and start peeling back those layers. Start following those inner whispers, you may just be pleasantly surprised.

About Author Kerri Hollingsworth

Kerri Hollingsworth is the director and upholsterer of an.ti.quate; an eco-conscious brand designing exquisitely handcrafted armchairs made from 100% recycled, compostable and environmentally friendly materials. Her business is zero waste. Every chair made soothes the soul and loves your butt—all while being kind to the environment!

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