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Realising fears when they jump out at you and trusting enough to move through it is certainly a skill that I am trying to strengthen.

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  1. When did you realise your love for what you do?
    The second I finished my very first Upholstery Art Design. I looked at it and realised that the niggling feeling I had felt for the months earlier, as well as the picture that I was envisioning, had actually come to life. It was a really special feeling in my heart and one that I regularly think back to and tap into.

  2. What do you love most about what you do?
    I love the creativity and freedom involved in designing. There really is a never-ending source of inspiration and possibilities around us each and every day.

  3. What’s the greatest piece of wisdom that you’ve received or acquired through life experience?
    ‘It’s not a case of IF it happens, it’s just a case of WHEN’. This simple piece of advice from a dear friend has carried me through many unsuccessful attempts at different things. It just reminds me that if I really want it (whatever ‘it’ happened to be), then keep striving. Look from another perspective, try a different approach, think outside the box. There is more than one way to go about it!

  4. What’s been one of your biggest challenges you’ve faced and how did you navigate through it?
    The biggest challenge while being in business has been getting out of my own way. Continually growing and moving forward means being challenged over and over again. Realising fears when they jump out at you and trusting enough to move through it is certainly a skill that I am trying to strengthen.

  5. What are 3 of your daily non-negotiables?
    Get out in nature, fill your body with goodness and be respectful to everyone/everything.

  6. What do you believe is your greatest asset?
    My ability to see a positive in any situation. When things don’t go to plan, yes I get disappointed, but I never stay there for too long. My mind switches to finding a positive then moving forward.

  7. How do you elevate and empower those around you?
    Oh, great question! The thing that I try to do daily is notice positives about every single person I meet/are in contact with. I think it is quite easy to notice things about others that frustrate you, but seeing the good means your conversations, patience and understanding are more thoughtful. I believe you can only empower others around you when you completely and wholeheartedly accept who they are. Acknowledging the good in others is really step one in the process, but such an important thing to do.

  8. How do you wish to impact the world?
    I’d love to be a reason that people crave connection with their belongings again. We create unique energy with the items we fill our homes (and lives) with, and to show what can happen when you mindfully tailor a design brief with carefully chosen fibres, may just transform interiors across the globe. Doing this with an environmentally conscious mind also shows that exclusive design and nature can work together harmoniously.

  9. What scares you?
    Hmm, I find this question quite hard. The thought of disappointing someone comes to mind, but I try not to focus on any negatives as I know there is always an answer. (I will ponder this and maybe get back to you if something comes to mind!)

  10. If you could share one seed of inspiration for those chasing their dream, what would it be?
    Open your mind to the possibilities, believe it, and trust yourself! The key to your true greatness is alive inside of you, so do the inner work, uncover yourself, and through the journey, you will discover so much more than you ever thought possible.

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