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Turning your dreams into reality doesn’t just happen. Courage and motivation are required to experience new things, push boundaries, take risks.

louise kelly, surfside yoga

1. When did you realise your love for what you do?

What I do keeps evolving as I discover new loves! The things I love – running my own business, yoga, health, travel, teaching – it’s all about me looking for a more authentic, fulfilling and unconventional life. I don’t like feeling trapped, so I’ve used my business to create the freedom that expands across all areas of my life.

2. What do you love most about what you do?
The freedom! I love creating freedom in my body, mind and life, but watching my clients and team do the same lights me up and takes it to a whole new level.

3. What’s the most significant piece of wisdom you’ve received or acquired through life experience?
My parents dreamed big and had a very positive, philosophical approach to life. They taught me that there is always a choice, and to independently and confidently forge my own path.

I remember I used to listen to my ex-boyfriend rather than to my intuition, and then I’d get frustrated when his suggestion didn’t work out. Around that time, I discovered yoga and learnt more about tuning into my body and mind. Simple, but so profound. Now I feel like I have tools to find space and quietness, and an inner compass that helps me make decisions quickly and intuitively.

4. What’s been one of your biggest challenges you’ve faced, and how did you navigate through it?

Slowing down. I like goals, progress and making things happen. My driven, ambitious personality type quickly leads to burnout, and I’ve had both glandular fever and adrenal fatigue. I navigated these with yoga, natural therapies and holistic health…and I’m grateful for those challenges as they have led me to my dharma (purpose), to what I do now, and to help others.

5. What are 3 of your daily non-negotiables?
1) Practising yoga – that doesn’t always look like asana (poses), some days it will be pulling an insight card, or consciously bringing to mind 3 things I’m grateful for, or taking a long exhale in a challenging moment. The more you practice yoga on the mat, the more you’re able to start taking it off the mat and into your everyday life.

2) Getting my supplements right. I take Lifelong Vitality Supplements, and since my pregnancy, I’ve always needed extra iron, so sometimes I take that too.

3) And of course, essential oils as they are truly integrated into my life from dawn to dusk, allowing me to weave self-care rituals into every single day. Supporting myself and my family physically and emotionally for everything from skin to sleep, from immunity to energy.

6. What do you believe is your greatest asset, and how does it serve you?
I’m very strategic, so when others can’t see a way forward, I can map out a path in my mind of how to get there. I’m very results driven, so I stay focused and keep going until I reach the destination.

7. How do you elevate and empower those around you?
To me, elevation is joyful, so it’s also essential to have tools to shift any emotions that cloud our joy (for example, fear, anger, guilt, resentment).

Energy moves…keep showing up and elevating yourself, and it will naturally filter out to those around you. So I believe it starts with the self…I prioritise my own learning to get fresh ideas and stay inspired. If I show others what’s possible, then it will help them believe they too can create a life they love.

Everyone needs to find their own path, so I’ve learnt to ask questions or provide a resource – rather than just dishing out an answer.

Creating community is key, engaging with others and providing encouragement.

8. What does the word failure mean to you?
Fear is a theme that used to pop up in kinesiology sessions, but I’ve chosen to work on my beliefs around it consciously. Now I don’t see ‘failing’ as failure…I see it as an opportunity to find the lesson, explore a new way and move forward.

9. In your opinion, what’s the number one thing that holds people back from going after what they want in their lives? What would you say to them?

Fear. I would dive into it and ask ‘where does the fear stem from? Where do you feel that in your body? If you weren’t afraid, what would you do? How would that feel?
I would ask if they’re open to seeing a kinesiologist to work through and release any blocks.

10. If you could share one seed of inspiration for those chasing their dream, what would it be?
Turning your dreams into reality doesn’t just happen. Courage and motivation are required to experience new things, push boundaries, take risks. Combine this with community and consistent action – and then you’ll create the path to transform your dreams into reality.

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