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You have to be patient with yourself and with the process.

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  1. When did you realise your love for what you do?
    I wish I had known in school that I wanted to write, I would’ve been so focused in the grammar lessons! I worked as a teacher for a few years and then in the music industry. I then had a little time off while figuring out what I wanted to do and just found myself writing and happy.

  2. What do you love most about what you do?
    Where do I begin? I love being able to write anywhere in the world, all I need is a pen and paper, even a napkin will do if there is not a phone or a computer around. I love watching projects, I’m involved with come to life. When you see the artist draw the character you have seen in your mind, it is magical. But the best is seeing the words you have written brighten someone’s day or make a child laugh.

  3. What’s the most significant piece of wisdom you’ve received or acquired through life experience?
    Don’t be afraid.

  4. What’s been one of your biggest challenges you’ve faced and how did you navigate through it?
    I found I had a fear of succeeding. At the start, it was a relief for me when publishers turned my work down. It was from writing across different projects and working with people more experienced that I realised I wanted to succeed as a writer.

    When I wrote music reviews for Mink magazine (The Moment’s founder, Monica Kade’s first business) a few years ago, I worked with a female team who inspired and encouraged me. And when I saw my first piece in the magazine and I was so proud. That changed a lot for me. This time also helped my writing to develop. I now have a “Believe in your dreams” candle and lots of crystals on my workspace. 

  5. What are 3 of your daily non-negotiables?
    Firstly walking, I love being around nature and when I’m in front of a computer or being creative, it’s so important for me to find a little time for myself and go for a walk. It helps calm my mind and often I find when I step away from my workspace I find the inspiration I was looking for.

    Secondly, a good night’s sleep. I make my bedroom into my sanctuary, it is so easy to make every room an office, so I try to keep mine as a bedroom.

    Thirdly water, I try to drink lots of water each day. 

  6. What do you believe is your greatest asset and how does it serve you?
    Patience. As a writer, you have to be patient with yourself and with the process. Some days I think, I’m going to have a writing day today, and I sit in front of a blank computer all day. If you are working with other people, it is especially important that you can be patient to their needs so you can all be the best you can be.

  7. How do you elevate and empower those around you?
    I believe empowerment comes from within, you need to nourish your creativity, and then you can empower people around you. Listening and encouraging people to follow their dreams is an amazing gift. I love it when women praise and lift up other women. This is the time for them to shine!

  8. What does the word failure mean to you?
    A friend years ago told me “Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.” 

  9. In your opinion, what’s the number one thing that holds people back from going after what they want in their lives?
    What would you say to them? Fear. The fear of failure, the fear of success, the fear of change holds people back. I would like to encourage people to be brave and go for it. You know in your heart if something feels right. 

  10. If you could share one seed of inspiration for those chasing their dream, what would it be?
    A dream is like a seed, you have to plant it, care and nurture it for it to grow. 

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